Makassar International School, Sulawesi
Message from our Principal

Makassar International is a welcoming place where students are educated and nurtured by highly trained teachers and staff. Students at MIS are taught to think logically, independently and creatively and to communicate and collaborate with their peers. The elementary school serves students from pre-school through the 6th grade.  Secondary school serves students from 7th grade to upper high school.

We value holistic education and offer activities for students to explore varying interests and develop skills in a wide range of disciplines. We have special classes in music, visual arts, physical education, library/media, and technology to enrich our core curriculum. 

Our mission is to prepare young people to be prepared for their higher education needs by providing them educational experiences that will help them grow to reach their full potential. We recognize that not all students learn in the same way and structure our programs and instruction to meet the varying needs of each child.  In addition, we now have the IGCSE program for 14-16 year olds, and you can read about this important program in this site.

We desire collaboration with parents and want to team with you in the education process. Welcome to our community.