Our Teachers



A typical class at MIS usually consists of around 5-8 students and (not one but) 2 teachers : a native speaker subject teacher and a local teacher assistant. This creates a classroom environment suited for maximum individual and personal attention.

All our core curricula courses are taught exclusively by native speaker teachers. These are qualified and experienced education professionals, coming from the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and The Phillipines. They embody the variety of the English speaking world and its cultures. They arrive here with a wealth of life and travel experience, which they are enthusiastic to pass on to MIS students.

Our local teacher assistants are in the class to help with daily class administration, materials preparation, classroom management and student support. This invaluable help enables our native speaker teachers to devote the maximum time possible to preparing and delivering motivating and productive lessons. All our teacher assistants are graduates and either possess a recognised teaching qualification or are actively engaged in studying for one through part time post graduate study at the teacher training departments of local universities. They also partake in our regular teacher training programs.