Enrolling at MIS

Makassar International School is an inclusive school.  No discrimination is made on the basis of ability, gender, ethnicity, religion, or nationality.  There are no entrance restrictions on enrolments, with the possible exceptions of :

  • Students already at age 13 or older with very little English background. In this case the time remaining until IGCSE exams would not be sufficient to bring ability in English up to the requirements of the IGCSE.
  • Children with any special needs requiring a level of specialised support which the school is unable to provide. 

Special instruction in E.F.L. (English a Foreign Language) may be arranged for primary students who come to MIS with little or no English background. This maybe through special grouping or within the mainstream.

All primary and secondary classes are currently mixed grade, although an individualised program is provided for each student within this. Class placement does not therefore impact greatly on a student’s educational program.  In general, children are placed in a grade on the basis of age alone.  Exceptions are sometimes made, however, considering the factors of age (as at 1st July), previous class,academic results (i.e. from previous reports), level of spoken and written English and general maturity.

Decision on class placement are made by the School Principal in consultation with class teachers and parents.

To enquire about enrollment, please contact Ibu Joyce on (0411) 315889.